InfoCentro S.A.  gives our clients the opportunity, in a single provider,  of being able to focus on profitability and the very reason for their existence, while we focus on management, dimension and follow-up of projects that arise out of that focus. 

The areas in your company where we can add value are Customer Service, the Help Desk, Invoicing, Promotion and Sales, among others.  This value translates into:

- Effectiveness in contact attempts with clients.
- Risk reduction due to absenteeism or rotation.
- Maximization of operators’ productivity.
- Logistical, technical and administrative support.
- Reduction of Expenses and Operative Costs.
- Increase in Service Quality.
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Sobre infoCentro

InfoCentro S.A. came into being in 2008 as a dynamic company for companies to be more efficient and to simplify their clients’ operations, projects, promotions and services management. 
InfoCentro’s main goal is to become the best ally of other companies in reaching their business goals through greater efficiency in operations.
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